Traditional front door Classic range

Traditional front doors from the Classic range with solid aluminium ornament panel detail. Entrance doors are the main focal point to any home or building’s exterior. With a more traditional door design, the Classic front doors are available in a number of RAL, Finea and Silvea finishes to suit and complement any building’s architecture. A number of glazing, door handles and locking features are available; all with additional security, safety and insulation options to ensure added protection against fire, burglary and unnecessary heat loss.


  • Classic range front door panel detailSingle door sets can be manufactured to maximum widths of up to 1200mm with heights if 2400mm (limitations apply)
  • The double sided attachment panels (3mm outside 2mm inside) create flush surfaces
  • High levels of security, insulation and sound deadening
  • Detailed with triple glazed glass and stainless steel inserts
  • Marine treatment available for salt-water environments
  • Low threshold detail for disabled access
  • Single door sets have an overall U-value of 1.3 to 1.4 W/m²K. Values as low as 1.0 W/m²K can be achieved with some designs
  • Complies with the revised part of Document L Building Regulations (October 2010)

Classic range front door internal and external flush panel detail


A wide range of configurations are available to suit any entrance requirement and building layout. Below are the main configuration options with single panel fixed glazed sidelight and toplight options. Multiple fixed panel options can be created if required.

Single front doorSingle front door with left sidelightSingle front door with right sidelightSingle front door with left and right sidelightsSingle door with toplightSingle front door with toplight and left sidelightSingle front door with toplight and right sidelightSingle front door with toplight, left sidelight and right sidelightsDouble front doorDouble front door with left sidelightDouble front door with right sidelightDouble front door with left and right sidelightsDouble door with toplightDouble front door with toplight and left sidelightDouble front door with toplight and right sidelightDouble front door with toplight, left sidelight and right sidelightsTwo front doors with central fixed-lightTwo front doors with toplight and central fixed-light


The front doors offer a low profile threshold that is wheel chair accessible. Sill pressing in aluminium or stainless steel can be provided if required to cover brickwork below the doors and provide a protected finish.

Classic Front door threshold detail (opening in)Opening in threshold detail

  • The threshold height is 13mm at the front and 15mm at the back and 20mm at the highest point
  • Gasket seals provide protection against water and air infiltration
  • External drainage may require extra consideration depending on the location
  • Opening out sets use the same threshold in reverse

Technical details
- Opening in
- Opening out
- Fixed-light / Sidelight



Colours & finishes

  • A wide range of RAL and specialist finished are available
  • Hinges are supplied in anodised silver (EV1) and black as standard
  • Marine treatment is available to protect against the aggressive corrosion of salt-water environments

Popular colours & finishes

DB703 Metallic Dark GreyRAL 9016 Traffic WhiteRAL 9005 Jet BlackRAL 8017 Chocolate BrownRAL 7040 Window GreyRAL 7038 Agate GreyRAL 7016 Anthracite GreyRAL 7011 Iron GreyRAL 6005 Moss GreenRAL 6002 Leaf GreenRAL 5013 Cobault BlueRAL 5010 Gentian BlueRAL 3005 Wine RedRAL 3002 Carmine Red

RAL® colours

  • Front doors are available powder coated to any RAL colour

Finea textured finishes (Finea 04)Finea colours

Finea colours are a textured finish that combines a high concentration of coloured pigments and fine grain metal particles. The finishes are robust and extremely durable, fulfilling strict requirements on scratch and impact resistance.

Finea 02 Silver greyFinea 03 Mid greyFinea 04 Dark-greyFinea 05 YellowFinea 06 RedFinea 07 GreenFinea 08 BlueFinea 09 Light-grey

Silvea finishes (Silvea 02)Silvea colours

Silvea colours combine coloured pigments with metallic micro-particles spread evenly to produce a smooth finish.

Silvea 02 Bronze greySilvea 03 Light greySilvea 04 Dark-grey



The colours shown on this page are intended as a reference guide only. The colour simulations displayed may not exactly match identified colour standards. Computer monitors and web browsers generally show different colour values so colours will change slightly between different systems and different screens. The colours on this site must not be printed and used as a reference.


Hook lock at the top and bottom or front door lock mechanism

  • The door leaf is secured by a 3-point locking mechanism that meets insurance companies’ requirements
  • The top and bottom lock points are operated hooks that secure the door into the frame
  • The flush aluminium internal and external panel provides security against forced intrusion
  • All lock points and seals are concealed within the frame and behind aluminium profiles
  • A key is required for entry from outside even if the door is unlocked
  • All key locking cylinders are Sunfold unique high security locks

Sunfold high securuty lock cylinder and key

Unique high security locks

Our highest security locking system offering unique and advanced security features.

     •   Anti-pick shaped pins
     •   High security six pin cylinder
     •   Cylinder protected against drilling
     •   Magnetic pin protects against unauthorised entry
     •   Cylinder protected by anti-wrench reinforcement
     •   Magnetic key with moving component protects against unauthorised duplication
     •   Protection against forced entry through the use of 'Bump Keys'
     •   Possible to incorporate a master key system


Intelligent keys

Extra security with our unique key controlled lock changing system.

Red construction key for high security lock

Yellow main keys for high security lock- A construction key with red insert is used during installation



- Three main keys with yellow inserts. Upon completion these keys are used to recode the cylinder and exclude the construction key

White security key for high security lock


- One emergency key with white insert. If a main key is lost or stolen this key will
recode the cylinder again and exclude all previously used keys


(Additional and replacement keys are available on request. Along with other high security lock products)


    - High security locks

Other details

Front door internal silver handle and PZ-lock escutcheonHandles

  • The external handle is dependant on the model chosen. Each model has its own design related handle (pictured)
  • Some handles can be interchanged between models
  • The design related handle is supplied as standard unless an alternative is requested
  • A silver lever handle and PZ-lock escutcheon is supplied on the inside

Front door stainless steel hingeFront door black hingeFront door silver hingeHinges

  • Hinges are visible on the inside for doors that open in and on the outside for those that opening out
  • Hinges are supplied in anodised silver (EV1) and black as standard
  • Stainless steel hinge options are available if required


  • Models with glazing details incorporate triple glazed units
  • Glass units are toughened with low-E and an Argon gas filled cavity
  • The external glass pane is clear as standard but can be supplied as White Satinato frosted glass

Door configurator

See what your home will look like with a new high security front door.

With the front door configurator you can select all the options and requirements you need for your front door. You are able to choose your door layout, input the sizes, select a design style and apply a finish. Then once complete you can upload a photo of your house and see what the door will look like on your home.

To start creating your own front door and to add it to a picture of your home click here or on the image below.

Front door configurator