Interior sliding stacking door system - SFK25

Sliding stacking doors with single glazed panels which slide and stack one on top of the next to create an open, flexible and modern space ideal as glass room divides, or for external systems for balconies as protection against the elements. Find out more about our exterior sliding stacking door system.

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Interior sliding stacking door system - SFK25

Single glazed panels slide and stack one on top of the next to create an open, flexible and modern space ideal as room/office divides, sunrooms and conservatories or as external systems for balconies to protect against the elements. Find out more about our exterior sliding stacking door system.


  • Sunfold SFK25 standard stainless steel turn handleEach panel can be manufactured to maximum widths of 900mm and heights of 3000mm (limitations apply)
  • Panels will stack inside or outside, left or right
  • The panels of the system work individually and stacks to one side
  • Top hung (suspended) system with a bottom guide track.
  • Panels can move around angles of faceted and corner systems
  • The single glass panel is available in 8mm or 10mm toughened glass manufactured to BS6206a.
  • The SFK25 cannot be used as a primary external grade glazing system
  • Bottom of stacked panels and recesed track for the SFK25


    - Watch a video of the SFK25 in use on You Tube
    - RAL colour chart



Opening diagram

The series of six diagrams below shows the opening process for an opening in three panel set of doors. Watch a video of the SFK25 in use on You Tube

Opening diagram for the sliding stacking SFK25 & SFK28


OOpening configurations for the sliding stacking SFK25 & SFK28

  • The SFK25 is manufactured to either open in or out
  • Panels are set to stack either the left or right side
  • Split systems either open and stack at a mid-point or at opposite ends
  • Corner and faceted systems can be created
  • Straight, split, corner and faceted sets can be joined for area surrounds

Each of the diagrams below show opening-in door sets with left side priority . For each there are
three other variations as the diagram to the right shows.

Straight sets

Sunfold SFK25 straight set configurations

Split sets

Sunfold SFK25 split set configurations

Corner and faceted sets

             Sunfold SFK25 corner set configurationSunfold SFK25 faceted set configuration

Vertical detail

SFK25 opening in vertical detail is shownSFK25 vertical section detail

  • The track can be recessed up to 30mm below the final finished floor level on the inside and outside
  • Soft pile brush seals run along the inside and outside edge of the track and head
  • If fully recessed drainage needs to be consider along the outside track edge in areas with water
  • The systems is a suspended system
  • The head track has an adjustable profile to aid levelling

  Technical details
  - Opening in
  - Opening out








Colours & finishes

Standard finishes

              RAL 9007 Grey Aluminium (Semi-gloss)RAL 9016 Traffic White (Semi-gloss)DB703 Metallic Dark GreySilver Anodised (EV1)

  • Powder coating is available in any RAL colour to suit any style and taste
  • Handles are supplied in brushed stainless steel
  • Top track panel guide is supplied in grey or black depending on frame finish
  • Brushes at the top and bottom of the panel are supplied light grey

Additional options


  • As standard the doors are furnished with a brushed stainless steel turn handle with wire operation
  • A brushed stainless steel lever handle is available with PZ-locking
  • The turn handle and lever handle controls the single pass-door panel only

SFK25 lever handle with PZ-lockingSFK25 lever handle with PZ-locking

Jamb detail

  • As standard the SFK25 is not supplied with side jambs
  • The standard detail provides a uninterrupted glass to wall detail
  • Jamb profiles with additional angles can be supplied
  • The additional angle profiles cover the glass to wall gap to provide improved weather protection

SFK25 jamb details