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Case Studies

Bi-folding doors to appreciate a magnificent garden

Bi-folding doors to appreciate a magnificent garden image


Prior to the renovation and extension project  at this property in Norfolk there was a bay window with a low level wall, yet the garden was not able to be appreciated to its optimum potential.

2 sets of SFK70 folding sliding doors in Sunfold’s unique dark metallic grey powder coating (DB703) were installed along the back of the house so that the garden could be brought into the contemporary sitting area.  Glass returns on either side create additional access and further enhanced the light and spacious feel in this stunning home.

A frameless glass balustrade balcony by Sunfold’s sister company Glasswork has also been incorporated all around the back of the property to continue the seamless transition to the magnificent garden.

The glass returns on the folding sliding doors were also incorporated in the design by Sunfold.

Compression sets with spring loaded jambs were used in the bi folding door sets to ensure that full weather protection was achieved. A low level semi weathered track for the doors was included in the design due them being northerly facing.

The owner of the property was keen to gain sufficient insulation so Sunfold Systems suggested using twin panes of glass together with opti-therm and argon filled glass. A grey thermal spacer has been used which is hardly visible as it matches the aluminium frame.

Sunfold also suggested using special structural insulating foam for a steel beam. The steel was clad with aluminium inside and out to match the frame of the folding sliding doors, all to keep unrequired heat transfer to a minimum and ensure optimum levels of insulation were realised.

The owner of the house was delighted with the effect the large glass wall of doors has achieved; now the whole of the garden is appreciated throughout the seasons.

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