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New Magnetic Panel Catch Unique To Sunfold Systems

New Magnetic Panel Catch Unique To Sunfold Systems image

Sunfold Systems launches its own unique and stronger magnetic panel catch which will be supplied as standard with all main ranges of folding sliding doors.

A panel catch which works in a similar way to a door stop is required when your chosen configuration incorporates an odd number of panels in a train ending with a pass door that swings freely. Having a pass door allows quick exit and entry, but could be caught by the wind and slam or swing back against the other panels when it is not secured.

The new Sunfold magnetic door catch has been designed to combat this and hold the door in place with more strength than other catches available or previously used.The new design is visually unobtrusive; matched to other components; protected against corrosion; requires no maintenance for continued high performance and most of all helps prevent the possible damage caused by a slamming door.

The catch has an anodised aluminium casing that is supplied in silver or black to match your choice of anodised hinges. The casing protects the high strength magnets but at the same time provides full marine protection for use in saline environments. Additional protection is offered with the concealed fixings so no screw heads are seen or open to the elements to incur corrosion.

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