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Sunfold Invest In Energy Saving Company

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Adding to its thriving doors and windows business, the Sunfold Group has incorporated another string to its product bow by investing in water heating specialist Heatstream Hot Water Solutions.

Confirmed earlier this week, the Sunfold investment will provide an extended portfolio of products to its existing and prospective client base. Sunfold will now be able to provide a broader spectrum of products perfect for the building and renovation market by not only providing quality doors and windows, but also energy efficient hot water systems for homes, apartments and housing communities. 

Heatstream Hot Water Solutions launched as a business last year and caught the eye of Sunfold Group managing director Michael Rawlings. Commenting on the investment Michael said: “As a relatively new business with a well-developed product, it seemed the perfect time to get involved and diversify our already well-known brand. I’ve been interested for some time in investing in an innovative energy saving company and I could really see the potential; especially as Heatstream’s product range would already fit with our current market.” 

Helping its customers save money on their utility bills through saving on energy and also on water wastage, Heatstream’s patented heat exchange configuration is a completely new concept to the UK and global market. Designed by increasing the number of heat exchanger plates within a hot water heating system and through manipulating the water flow rate, the system not only achieves massive savings in energy costs, CO₂ emissions and water wastage, but also helps prevent burns and scalds through thermostatic controls; helps eradicate the possibility of Legionella bacteria; and provides a guaranteed supply of hot water on demand.

Enthusiastic about both the products and the union, Michael added: “Moving forwards I’m confident that our hot water solutions could one day be featured in a high percentage of both new homes and existing households throughout the UK and Europe. We’re very excited about what’s to come.”

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