Case Studies

Case Studies

Bi-folding sliding corner post used on terrace extension in London

Bi-folding sliding corner post used on terrace extension in London image


This West London terrace house was lovingly renovated after the owners had lived in it for 25 years.

The house already had an extension to the rear of the property but a modern space with much more light and better insulation, providing greater energy efficiency was required by this couple to become a new stylish dining area.

Sunfold Systems were chosen following a visit to an exhibition and through recommendation by a friend.

The house now has 2 sets of SFK70 bi folding doors; 1 set of 2 panels and the other with 3 panels with a sliding corner post, so that the sets can meet in the center yet fully open to create the feeling of space…perfect for BBQ parties on the patio!

Extra heat has been created in the extension due to the additional roof insulation and the thermal glazing. The glazing used for these doors was Sunfold’s standard 28mm unit consisting of 2 panes of 4mm clear toughened glass with a 20mm cavity that is filled with argon gas. Argon gas is used to reduce heat loss in sealed units by slowing down convection inside an air space therefore providing excellent energy efficiency and in turn reduced heating bills.

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